Everything we do, we believe

CEO Message

“In a world where affordable accesses to safe and enough water or to a healthy environment are in many places becoming a challenge, only the wills of society leaders encompassed by technology can respond to it in a sustainable manner.  The ability to accomplish such mission can only be done by the right people together.

We are a Management Group of highly experienced engineers and business professionals in the water and environmental solutions sector, with decades of combined experience in all major global markets. Our track record includes winning bids through optimized pricing, designing water and environmental infrastructure projects of all sizes and purposes, leveraging advanced technology, executing precision EPC, and performing high-efficiency plant operations. Our valuable team has international experience in more than 100 water treatment plants, with >3.2 million m3/day desalination combined capacity.

We know the market from closeup experience and understand how to get it done including bid-submissions, cost estimation, design optimization, contract, technology & engineering, supply chain, manpower deployment, project accounting, project management and overall project execution.”

Everything we do, we believe”

Jorge Salas


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