Design & Execution
for complex challenges

Made-to-measure engineering throughout the entire lifecycle

1st In Class in house engineering capabilities done by well-known professionals in water sector with experience in all value chain and in a continuous learning process: we bring commissioning and O&M lessons learned to conceptual designs.

A consolidated team with long experience across of all the value chain is the foundation for an optimized design of a “state of the art” plant.

In-House full process and engineering capabilities (Process Desalination, Water Treatment, Hydraulics, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Civil, Marine, I&C, 3D CAD/Design)

From basic design, detail engineering, consultancy to as built. Supporting the project since bidding to commissioning and always developing high quality and tailor-made engineering solutions

With our excellent internal networking across different locations, we leverage our broad range of expertise and are able to provide our customers with engineering services that are individually tailored to each project.

Our extensive knowledge in the field of plant design enables us to support customers in planning their plants from the very beginning. Thanks to our long years of experience, we are are in a position to efficiently execute even highly complex and calculation-intensive projects.

Engineering Services

FEED (Front End Engineering Design)

Preliminary and detailed planning and robust scope definition of projects for successful execution, to determine accurate investment cost and duration of the project while identifying risks

Basic Engineering

All project begins with a solid basic engineering, and this is the result of a motivated team of water experts of all technical fields. This engineering step is the foundation of an optimized design that must be done by professionals that know -how.

Detail Engineering

Practical knowledge and field experience of our team is the key to make the most by reducing project times and improving constructability

Consulting & Concept Design 

Knowledge and expertise in a wide range of projects give a privileged position to add value from the beginning and for troubleshooting

Continuous learning 

Our experts participate in all the strategic decisions of all projects bringing lesson learnt to reality. Knowledge is the best approach to mitigate risks. We also create the atmosphere to welcome any initiative by empowering innovative ideas.

Process Engineering

Process is the centre of the engineering. We focus all engineering areas on process, and we are experts in Desalination, WWTP, ZLD, etc. We know about water.

Added value for our customers

  • Comprehensive engineering services from a single source
  • Decades of experience and expertise
  • Large team of experienced engineers with specialized knowledge in the process industry
  • Transparent and reliable cost planning

Know-How Areas


  • RO, UF, ERD projection
  • Pretreatment Sizing
  • Posttreatment Sizing
  • WWTP design
  • Pressure center group
  • Power consumption
  • Chemical Consumption

Mechanical & Piping

  • Equipment Sizing
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical Comparatives
  • 3D Modelling & BIM
  • Cost study
  • Stress calculations

Industrial Water

  • Electro deionization
  • Resins
  • ZLD
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Crystallizer
  • High Pressure/recovery RO


  • Network optimization
  • Surge & transient analysis
  • Irrigation
  • Pump stations
  • Head losses calculations
  • Stress calculations
  • Farm tanks


  • MV & LV sizing
  • SLD & detailed drawings
  • Power electronics: VFD, SS, etc
  • Electrical system design
  • MV Cabins, MCC, etc.
  • Calculations
  • Power consumption
  • Earthing

I&C system

  • Instrumentation design
  • DCS sizing
  • FAT test
  • Commissioning and SAT test
  • PID optimization

Civil Design

  • Marine Works
  • GSF, SWI Optimization
  • Method of Statement
  • Detail Drawings