O&M Consultancy Services

Integrated Commissioning and O&M Consultancy Services


IWAC offers sustainable, competitive advantages to clients, with world-class tools, equipment, processes and expertise.

We offer flexible, integrated value solutions from a multidisciplinary trusted and experience team of professionals. We support each stage of a project, from feasibility through to construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance with complete, flexible services, tailored to meet each client’s requirements.

Working with the highest safety standards, our approach can deliver sustainable, measurable value, to reduce capital outlays, increase productivity and improve operational performance, bringing commissioning and O&M lessons learned to conceptual designs.

Skilled and committed senior team with an extensive track record in most prestigious Complex & Large SWRO projects in Middle East and America in the past years, with a deep knowledge and unique expertise in design and operational criteria in terms of performance, reliability, optimization design and energy efficiency

The diversity of our services in combination with a strong project organization gives our clients an added value in all projects execution schemes."

We have recognized a significant demand on the market to form integrated projects. By evaluating each project case by case we can serve our client’s project requirements in an optimal way and provide consolidated solutions."

A group of professionals specialized on practical knowledge and relevant experience in commissioning and O&M to optimize assets in operation, revamping, or consultancy services.

Proven solutions

to help you realize bigger gains

Asset Life-Cycle Solutions

We offer professional solutions and proven best practices to deliver optimum asset management and performance for asset-intensive clients.

IWAC offers fully integrated solutions to support the start-up of new facilities, increase asset performance and optimize operations and maintenance strategies.

O&M Optimization

We combine high-quality product engineering with independent provision of in-depth asset integrity management.

IWAC can supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment, provide custom-built machines based on the clients’ specific requirements and replace obsolete machines with new and improved designs.

Process optimization

Our process engineering and automation solutions have helped leading industrial companies globally for years. We can help you improve safety and production cycle times, increase throughput and reliability, and drive measurable improvements in real-time with 24/7 data collection, monitoring, and analysis.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance is an essential part of all phases of the asset life cycle. We analyse each client’s maintenance approach at a strategic level to optimize the maintenance program for the type of production.

Plant Operations

IWAC has the capacity to provide consultancy services to empower facility management planning and control, to deliver safe, reliable and predictable output together with capex improvements.

Turnarounds & Outages

We optimize turnaround and modification projects to ensure timely delivery within budget and leverage installation outages for better asset-related business planning.

Solutions customized to your needs

IWAC Main services:

  • O&M Management
  • Troubleshooting diagnosis / corrective measures
  • Auditing: O&M Optimization Services, Performance improvement
  • Commissioning and Start-up supervision
  • Existing Plant Revamping/refurbishment
  • Process optimizations
  • Asset Management